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We are living in the golden age of asteroid exploration. For the past few years, space agencies in Europe, Japan and in the US have set up specialist departments for detecting and exploring asteroids. To better understand these mysterious rocks, they are sending out probes to analyze them and even bring back samples. Many experts believe water and life on Earth may have been brought by celestial bodies, so scientists are now aiming to find traces of organic molecules, frozen water or even … precious minerals. In addition to their noble scientific causes, space agencies are jostling for position to be the first to exploit asteroids commercially.

We are embracing this race and, thanks to multiple pictures taken by the probes, we have decided to reconstruct 3D models of the asteroids and produce a 8K version of the film. See herewith a sample sequence of what the Japanese probe HAYABUSA 2 achieved
in July 2019. Now, other major space agencies are preparing other daring missions…