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Delphine the orca, Nose no goof the gray seal, Kim and Roxie the sea lionesses, Manyari the lioness queen, Canelle the brown bear … What became of the stars of the first films of St Thomas Prod? most are still living, but have retired from film business!

After having rubbed shoulders with our film crews for several seasons, these wild mammals thrived.

Fast forward 20 years later: their adventures continue to interest millions of viewers in all countries of the world. When we filmed them at the end of the 20th century, we could not imagine that the digitization of films and the democratization of the internet would allow millions of citizens to enter the intimacy of these wild animals, to discover these stories. in front of screens of all sizes.

Today, our first films have become classics. Some are seen by more than 10 million spectators on You Tube ( the SHARKS-SCAVENGERS OF THE SEAS filmed in 1999 is an edifying example. Others never cease to be rebroadcast on terrestrial, pay, cable and satellite channels.

What does this incredible longevity say? that the need for nature is in human nature. Trying to understand the wild world is a prerequisite for those who care about its protection. There remains, at all ages, the wonder it brings.

May our films provide its unique moments to share with the family for a long time to come.