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A lemon shark called Manoela grows up in the waters of Fernando de Noronha off the coast of Brazil.

Her extraordinary senses allow her to detect scents, sounds and even the tiny electric fields of her prey. In particular, she specializes in a hunting technique that has only ever been observed in this spot: hunting sardines in the waves. When we look closer behind the breakers, we discover unsuspected alliances and unusual behaviours.

Discovered accidentally while shooting for another film, the lemon shark population of Fernando de Noronha island required us to film over a three-year period in order to draw the portrait of this emblematic young female shark. The crew relied on the latest high-definition technology, high speed and aerial imagery as well as rebreather diving equipment in order to reveal a range of new shark behaviours. Despite the paradisical appearance of the Brazilian island, the teams had to cope with storms and powerful waves as well as juggle the constrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic in order to follow this individual’s destiny through the seasons.

Details: 52′ 4K HDR
Directed by: Bertrand LOYER