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Wildlife films spy for us into the natural world and bring to the comfort of our armchairs beautiful, moving and breathtaking footage. Behind their cameras, filmmakers face mishaps, experience fears, apprehensions but also big laughs. Theirs is a world of patience, unpredictability and danger. To find out about these intense moments, let’s turn the cameras on them.

Following gorillas in the forests of Rwanda, filming cheetahs chasing their prey or putting inquisitive gorillas at ease by letting them satisfy their curiosity requires great art. If filming in the wild can be a risky business in places like the African Savannah, crews also encounter hilarious situations: they must sometimes submit to the animals’ apetite for social contact. Ingenuity, compromises and acrobatic skills are often needed to capture on film several second sequences.

The result is a funny and entertaining film which takes us behind the scenes and shows us what filmmakers must go through to bring us images of the natural world.

Directed by: Guillaume POYET