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The dolphin is still full of surprises. Group assistance, an unknown side of this charismatic animal’s behavior, is the central theme of this documentary presented as a scientific fable.

Documenting a wide range of behaviors in oceans around the globe, this initiatory voyage depicts the dolphin’s altruistic world as we follow the misadventures of one of them in search of a host group. May it be while hunting fish stranded in shallow waters in South Carolina, playing with a venomous snake in the Rangiroa lagoon, defending the group against a tiger shark attack in the Marquesas islands, parading in the crystal-clear pacific waters or surfing on waves from the bows of tankers in Texas, everything relies on the group: the dolphin needs to be surrounded by its peers to feed, defend himself, communicate and breed.

This documentary presents the dolphins’ world in a new light: that of a community of merciless hunters.

Details: 52′ HD
Directed by: Bertrand LOYER