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In the summer, space becomes dear on the beaches of the sub-Antartic islands. There, penguins and sea elephants live jumbled up together, caught in the throes of breeding and bringing up the little ones.

Such overpopulation leads to tensions between species and individuals. The crowds of penguins and sea-elephants attract many scavenging birds as well as dangerous predators like giant fulmars, the vultures of those icy climes, and orcs full of hunting tricks and tactics. More agile, the otaries, and the wandering albatrosses, those indefatiguable gliders,seem to escape the chaotic throng. Like the other animals, however, they are dependent on the ocean,their only source of food in these deserted regions.

When winter comes, this cohabitation ends. Their breeding duties finished, the different animals return to the waters they are used to wander in.

Details: 52′
Directed by: Bertrand LOYER directed by Luc JACQUET