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Masdar is an ambitious project, a technological and human challenge. Built in heart of the desert, it will be the world’s first zero-carbon city.

Masdar will be exclusively fueled by renewable energies. It will be home to 50,000 inhabitants who will have access to water and sustainable energies while producing no waste. The city’s construction process must also be green and limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Masdar is very thought provoking. Especially since the project was designed by Abu Dhabi, one of the world’s most polluting countries which has built its fortune on black gold.

Masdar is a massive international project but is above all an experiment confronting an utopia to technical and human realities.

This will be a crucial step towards the future, when we will all have to learn to live without oil.

Details: 52′ HD
Directed by: Sacha BOLLET and Benoit DEMARLE