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Who are these ferocious predators of the Antarctic continent that kill each year thousands of penguins and leave some injured birds behind to the scavengers of the ice? To find out, come and follow Göran Ehlmé, an experienced underwater cinematographer and expert of the cold seas, in his quest to uncover the fascinating behavior of the secretive… Leopard Seals. Amidst the pristine but freezing waters surrounding the white continent, the audience will be given a unique insight into the mysterious daily lives of Leopard Seals and discover some never-before-filmed behaviors of these highly intelligent predators. «Killer seals» will reveal how Leopard Seals hunt penguins underwater or on land, charging unwary trespassers on the ice, be they penguin or human! Thanks to Göran Ehlmé’s close and emotional relationship with Leopard Seals, the public will be astonished to discover that each animal has – like human beings – its own distinctive character and moods. Göran is one of the rare divers in the world who dares to defy the deadly jaws of this predator in order to gain its trust and solve the mystery of its natural but puzzling aggressive temper.

Directed by: Jérome BOUVIER & Jean-François BARTHOD