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The story of chickens is the story of an animal that has conquered the planet, traveled the five continents and laid eggs at all latitudes.

Starting in the forests of South-East Asia, the original Bankiva rooster, Gallus gallushas, has travelled around the world. Trusty travel companions, chickens have followed us humans on all our journeys and discoveries.

Today there are over 52 billion on earth, seven times more than human beings, and many more than any other species of wild birds.

Why was this feathered friend chosen by man to become a central pillar of our agriculture? How did this darkly plumed forest species become so diverse in colour, form and behaviour? What is the everyday life of the hens and roosters that surround us?

Battery-farmed in dark hangars, raised outdoors in the countryside of the South of France, in Thai combat training centers, in survivalists’ bunkers, on Hawaii’s beaches or New York’s roofs, chickens can live many different lives.

Entering the chickens’ world takes us on a world tour to encounter the funniest, craziest and most lovable animals. We will try to better understand the ups and downs of their private life, their behaviour, their relationships with other fowl and of course with men.

Details: 52′ 4K HDR
Directed by: Benoit DEMARLE