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Cephalopods, an invertebrate group, includes squid, octopuses, and cuttlefish. Unlike most marine species, their populations are booming.

Through various examples, from the abyss to the tropical shallows, the film shows that the group is highly efficient at adapting to changes in their environment, enabling them to overcome the disturbances that have contributed to the depletion of other species. Although they only live for one to two years, they produce many eggs, with relatively low mortality rates, allowing them to adapt rapidly to environmental changes. In addition, as humans catch cephalopods’ predators, they create a gap in the food chain for this adaptable species to fill.

Shot over three years across the globe using deep-sea submersibles and specialized underwater filming equipment, this film presents an intimate portrait of cephalopods. Through stunning cinematography, it reveals unexpected or spectacular behavior of little-known species in remote locations. In particular, the use of an array of macro lenses enables the viewer to plunge into the personal lives of small species and the larvae of large ones… and discover their unique physiology.

Details: 52′ 4K HDR