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In downtown Guangzhou, China, one of the greenest structures on earth is rising. Known as Pearl River Tower, the 71-storey building will rely on just wind and sunlight for its power supply.

This green skyscraper epitomizes the super tall corporate headquarter buildings of tomorrow as an iconic, high performance structure, that is designed in such harmony with its environment that it potentially produces as much energy as it consumes.

The building’s sculptural form guides wind to a pair of openings at its mechanical floors. The rapid winds push turbines that generate energy for the building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The openings also provide structural relief, by allowing wind to pass through the building instead of pressing against it. Abundant natural light, solar power enhance the building’s environmentally friendly nature.

Roger Frechette, one of the most famous architect designers in sustainable buildings of the SOM architecture firm, details his conception about tomorrow’s architecture and his work in coordination with the Chinese teams to make this dream come true. Mr Ciu, manager of the Chinese construction teams, explains the numerous challenges and subtleties behind this gigantic construction site. Let’s go to the heart of action and take a front row seat in the creation of the world’s greenest skyscraper.

Details: 52′
Directed by: Guillaume POYET