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Record-breaking cyclone activity, explosive volcanic eruptions, powerful earthquakes and endless heat waves – 2015 was punctuated by a number of exceptional natural disasters.

The toll of these terrifying events: 20,000 lives lost and more than 42 billion dollars worth of damage. 2015 has been a record-breaking year in several categories: tropical storms of unprecedented strength, interminable droughts and the highest temperatures measured in the last 130 years…

Is this the result of global warming or could other factors, like El Nino, be to blame? How do scientists try to forecast these cataclysms? Is it possible for inhabitants to prepare in advance and anticipate these natural events?

From the Andes mountain range to the Himalayan plateaux past the icy wastelands of Iceland and the paradise islands of Vanuatu, this film tries to unravel the mysteries of the planet’s mood swings with the support of experts. Entirely shot in 4K, canned in hostile and dangerous situations, this film presents the major natural disasters of 2015 from the least deadly to the most dramatic.

Details: 52′ 75′ 4K HD
Directed by: Sacha BOLLET and Bertrand LOYER