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Sperm whale attacking Giant Squid Architeuthis dux, or giant feathered dinosaurs walking in ash or snow? Yes, we have created these ultra realistic VR experiences for museums and zoos.

A dreamlike adventure, where the audience is immersed in a photo realistic background, and “teleported” to different universes thanks to an immersive binaural sound. Binaural audio is critical to an immersive experience within the context of VR. We consider audio to be 50 percent of the immersive experience.

Our 3D audio actually hacks your brain ! Binaural sounds are unique because they emulate the workings of the human head. The architecture of our anatomy dictates how we understand the sounds we hear: with an ear on either side of a thick skull and spongy brain, we hear sounds enter our left and right ears at different times.The brain scrutinizes these miniscule interaural differences of time and strength in order to localize sound with immaculate precision.

This is not the future of television, but an alternative experience. We are now giving the audience tools to interact with their VR environment, and therefore enhancing the immersive effect. Be prepare for space odysseys and other impossible pictures.

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