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10 african women who never dived are about to make a unusual underwater film...

Today, there is no underwater black camerawomen. This is about to change. African people will share their own vision of their wildlife to the rest of the world thanks to a collaboration between Ouragan Films, Red Nature Films and St Thomas Productions. A 3x1h series will reveal how 10 young marine biologist or camera operator, all female, are joining force to tell the story of a cleaner wrasse which dares cleaning large predators offshore Isimangaliso National Park in South Africa. Its unusual life cycle, its challenges, its ordeals somehow mimicks the challenges, the “dances”, the bold endeavour that these women have to perform to succeed.

In the end, the Sunny Side of the Doc jury made a unanimous decision when it reviewed the winning project based on the criteria requested. The statement at the beginning of the pitch “The African wildlife filmmaker is rarer than some of the species that conservationists are trying to protect” is impactful and disturbing. They were seduced by the authenticity of the pitch, which we consider well prepared, creative, fluid and joyful !

Big Little Things will be available as a 3×52′ 4K HDR series in 2024