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Welcome to Saint Thomas Productions archive home page. In the past two decades, we have independently gathered a vast and spectacular classified library of footage shot in extreme environments or remote locations, from the abyss to the poles. It portrays animals, landscapes, extreme weather, volcanoes or large civil engineering construction sites for renewable energy or sustainable projects.

We have been using high-end cinematographic techniques, ranging from time-lapse motion control, gyro-stabilized CINEFLEX heads for aerials, macro cinematography, PHANTOM cameras for ultra-slow motion. We are also making our special effects available.

In a quality ranging from HD to 8K, but mostly 4K, we have created a unique patrimony of rare shots of endangered animals, volcanic eruptions, or hardly accessible places.

We also have a recent 3D HD library of nature and wildlife subjects, some of which being available for license.

Our library of moving images is constantly updated, with new materials being added by batches every 6 months. Only a selection of 1% of what we have could be seen on-line through the “keyword” search. Each footage is usually created in association with a specific film; we usually have a “licensing ban” on new incoming footage until the TV broadcast of the supporting film in 4 territories (France, USA, Germany, Japan). However, please feel free to contact us on for any inquiries

Gyrostabilized mounts, like CINEFLEX, now brings a world of "rock steady" HD images. With their 84 fold zooming capacities, they give us a chance to be more than a mile away from an animal, and capture its behaviour from the sky. It's like having a tripod in the sky ! From wind turbines to the spectacular display of the Z-machine, we have portrayed in HD men-at-work as they attempt to solve our anticipated energy crisis and current environmental impacts. Slow motion cameras, like the PHANTOM, where originally designed to reveal minute details in car crash-tests. We had the idea to bring them in the wild. By capturing many more frame per second than a standard camera, with a quality that goes beyond the industry standard HD quality of 1080*1920 pixels, they take us to some journeys in invisble worlds. To date, we are proud to announce that we own the largest collection of HD volcano footage worldwide. We have been covering more than 25 volcanic eruptions and their consequences on man and animals, from the air, from the ground or even underwater.