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In collaboration with professional animal trainers, Saint Thomas can make possible the realisation of sequences requiring particular movements, frames, backgrounds and the species of your choice, compiling a sequence of as many seconds or minutes as is necessary.

This collaboration has enabled us to have access to over 2800 carefully selected species. Professionals in their own right, these animals are trained to carry out specific actions and movements in accordance with your request.

The wide variety of equipment used by such professional animal trainers brings about the realisation of film containing very particular 'tricky' sequences especially when working with insects, fish, reptiles, birds and mammals...

The animal trainers who work with Saint Thomas Productions have studios that are equipped with extensive and up to date collections of materials ranging from flying tubes, transportable aquariums, outdoor stages, special effect equipment, cyclo pools with soft and sea water, cascades, torrents, bionic animals, breeding glasshouses, running carpets, etc.

Depending on the sequence and the animal involved, a preview of your sequence will be possible approximately 48 hours after the request has been processed. A facility accessible thanks to the latest advances in video transmission technologies, which allow you to download the sequence via your e-mail address.

Thanks to this particular collaboration, Saint-thomas and these experienced animal trainers (called upon primarily to meet the requests of the advertising industry and producers of feature film) can put at your disposal their expertise, ensuring the realisation of your particular requirements.

Of course, all sequences are carried out under the best possible conditions and strict controls. At no time is the animal exposed to unnecessary stress or discomfort. Any sequences that could expose the animal to stress or discomfort will not be realised. In this event and where possible, alternatives to your request will be discussed.

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