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Director: Florian Burion
Producer: Octuor Films
Copyright: 2017

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This grape variety was the pride of the tables of the Ottoman sultans. At the court of French King Francis the First, bunches of its grapes decorated sumptuous feasts.

Chasselas has long nourished stories and legends, but here, scientists, historians and wine producers lift the veil covering the origins of this grape, so emblematic of French- speaking Switzerland. From Constantinople to the King’s Climbing Vine in Fontainebleau, along the banks of the Loire River, exploring Burgundy and the vineyards of French-speaking Switzerland, the mysteries of Chasselas are revealed, keeping step with each period in time. A camera has never looked so closely at a grape, geneticists have never listened so closely to the heartbeat of a grape variety. From seed to Grand Cru, from the infinitely small to geography worldwide, this is the history of Chasselas as you’ve never seen it.