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We follow two young otters, Lenny and his sister, from the time they are born in the stunningly wild and remote Shetland Islands. We will witness how their mother teaches them how to swim, fish, catch crabs, brave storms and wash their precious fur in fresh water. Together they form a tight-knit, intimate family and come to know the animals they can trust and those they can't as they meet the local seals, arctic skuas, red throated divers, killer whales and members of their own extended family. Lenny grows quickly in confidence and size, but just as he is beginning to feel like King of the Pile, his mother's attitude towards him starts changing. She stops bringing him fish and sharing food with him, she pushes him away and even starts biting him when he tries to snuggle up to her. The young male has no option, he must set off even though he has never been anywhere alone before. But predators and pitfalls are everywhere… will he make it on his own?