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Nature is an endless source of fascination. With its incredible detail, 4K images reveal Nature's moods, its beauty and its inhabitants and gives the viewer an inspiring window into the last wild reaches of our planet.

Shot over seven years in some of the remotest areas of the world and using sophisticated filming techniques, this series of fillers introduces places and animals very few of us have a chance to visit or encounter. Thanks to native 5.1 surround sound and original music, it delivers an immersive, positive and entertaining experience. It is delivered with two types of narration:

- For younger audiences, a tailored narration by a child providing contextual information.
- For a family audience, a more classical adult narration.

In fact, each show will be delivered with separate music/effects and narration tracks, so they could even be screened with no narration at all.

WORLD’S COOLEST VOLCANOES (14x3’): from the explosive Tavurvur in Papua New Guinea to the lava lakes of Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of Congo, this series reveals a string of active volcanoes filmed before, during and after each eruption. How do humans and animals deal with the planet's geological upheavals?

WORLD’S COOLEST ANIMALS (14x3’): pay a visit to large and charismatic animals in their natural environment. Discover their survival strategies and relations to their ever-changing environment.

WORLD'S WEIRDEST ANIMALS (14x3’): from the depths of the ocean to the forests of Papua New Guinea, discover some of the strangest inhabitants of our planet. Some have no eyes, others have transparent bodies; some fish have fins longer than their body, other can survive out of the water for hours...

WORLD’S MOST REMOTE PLACES (14X3’): imagine an island so remote that you need to sail for a week in order to reach it, a beach so isolated that only a handful of visitors has seen it or an undersea mountain that has just been discovered. Switch on your 4K set and open up a window to a new world of wonder !