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Soft bodies but sharp minds, cephalopods are on the rise…

Cephalopods are taking over our planet. More than 700 different species of cuttlefish, octopus, squids, and nautiluses have colonized the world’s oceans and their numbers are increasing. There is no explanation for this explosion but cephalopods are considered to be the most evolved of the marine invertebrates with their large brains, evolved senses and amazing ability to adapt.

Cephalopods are the brains of the mollusc family, which makes them impressive predators. Each cephalopod has a trick up its sleeve allowing them to take on victims that are better armed and much larger. They are masters of disguise and can trick, avoid, surprise and attack. Though they can’t distinguish colours, almost all of them use the colour of their bodies or their ink to hunt, hide or daze.

This film will reveal these remarkable soft-bodied animals and their record-breaking physiques: cephalopods have the largest luminous organs in the world, the largest eyes in the animal kingdom and they are the largest invertebrates. It will show completely new observations of their behaviour in their natural environment, from the surface of the sea to the ocean’s deepest trenches, in more than twenty different locations.