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Do you think grey seals are nice, cuddly, friendly animals that eat fish? Think twice!

Mounting evidence suggests they are vicious predators taking on bigger prey, such as porpoises, harbour seals and even... their own kind. Are they really morphing into the most murderous killers in the North Sea?

All around Northern Europe, scientists are investigating. Like CSI vets, they are using forensic methods to identify the murderers.
They accumulate mounting evidence that, for once, man, is not responsible of the slaughter. Instead, some unexpected creatures have left undeniable evidence - DNA and bite marks - on the corpses washed ashore. Meet a new generation of ocean killers: grey seal bulls. They have been suspected to attack not only seals, but also harbor porpoise and harbor seals.
For the first time ever, this landmark film not only reveals the investigation work, but also 4K footage of the seals caught in the act of killing large prey. Shot in scenic locations across the North Sea, it uses state of the art 4K techniques to document these emerging behaviors: gyro-mounts on choppers and drones for aerials, thermal images and starlight cameras to film at night during the North Sea winter, and underwater housings. The result is a thrilling doc, which mixes drama, science and wildlife scenes.