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Do you think grey seals are nice, cuddly, friendly animals that eat fish? Think twice!

In the icy waters of the North Atlantic lives an animal that has adapted to major changes in its environment. Grey seals are adept at hunting fast, elusive prey and are one of Europe’s largest predators. But as fish stocks decline and they suffer attacks from fearsome predators and legal culls, their world is changing…along with their behavior. Recent improvements in annual surveys and animal tagging have revealed precious information about where grey seals go when the leave the coast and how they spend their lives. Their name traditionally conjures up images of adorable pups and clownish behavior but forced to explore new environments and target different prey, this film uncovers another side to these creatures.

CONTEXT: shot over 2 and half years in 16 different locations around Great Britain and the Baltic Sea, this film required a total dedication above and under water. During the breeding season, a cameraman survived like a Robinson, on his own, in an abandoned sheep farm on the isolated island of Faray… thanks to crab claws, cans and dehydrated food ! Filming in the strong Atlantic tides also proved to be challenging, as one expensive underwater housing and camera have been dragged away by the currents… which also brought down a team of divers with their inflated safety buoys!