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Since the beginning of the 21st century, plans have been proposed to mine asteroids to make up for the scarcity of minerals on earth.

Several asteroids whose orbits come close to our planet could contain more minerals and precious metals than have ever been mined on planet Earth. Not to mention the ice they contain which could be used as fuel to power rockets. Placing a scientific and mining probe on the Tchourioumov-Guerassimenk comet in late 2014 has given credibility to the approach advocated by several private companies and space agencies: identifying the minerals before collecting them. Today, several options exist to transform and export these resources: either directly on site or by changing the asteroid's orbit to a safe place, closer to Earth. Thanks to several international pioneers and to ultra realistic computer graphic images, this film gives - through various experiments, launches and the results obtained by mining probes - a scientific and poetic account of this challenging adventure.