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Author(s) : Andy Byatt

Director(s) : John Jackson and Andy Byatt

Year : 2014

Producer(s) : Saint Thomas Production, Climax Films, TS Productions, Kizmar Films

Running time : 3 x 52mn

Format : HD 3D

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Hurricanes are the strongest storms on earth.

Many begin as harmless breezes from Northern Africa; inoffensive winds that gradually move westwards over the tropical Atlantic Ocean, gathering energy from the warm seawater, building in strength and gradually forming the unmistakable spiral of extreme winds and thunderstorms that characterize hurricanes.

Shot entirely in 3D, this three-part series has been produced over a three-year period, with crews standing in the path of hurricane landfalls, such as Sandy and Isaac, to witness the devastation wreaked by one of the most powerful forces on earth.


For millennia, hurricanes have threatened the Eastern USA, the Caribbean and parts of Latin America. But changes to global climate have serious consequences for the future: rising sea-levels mean that storm surge from hurricanes will impact ever further inland. Specialists believe that hurricanes will become less frequent but increasingly powerful. Nobody knows when a major Category 5 hurricane will strike next, so the desire to live ever closer to the beach puts more and more people on a collision course with the greatest storm on earth. With coastal habitats and natural defences such as coral reefs, irretrievably damaged, the future appears bleak. Insight and interviews from leading experts such as Nobel Prize-winning climatologist, Jean-Pascal Van Ypersele, help the film explore whether we are prepared for the super storm of the 22nd Century.

Director biographies

Andy Byatt is a series producer and director whose fascination with the natural world enabled an award-winning film career, including 20 years working for the BBC Natural History Unit. Specialising in the underwater realm, he was a key player in the BBC’s landmarks “The Blue Planet” and “Planet Earth”. He left the BBC in 2007 to take his young family sailing across the Caribbean, on a two-year voyage so that they could discover the magic of the ocean for themselves. Since 2009 Andy has been specialising in 3D feature and television production through his company Amberjack Films.

John Jackson is a Director DOP who studied at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara before working in LA with the renowned Jacque Yves Cousteau or “Captain Planet” as he was then known. He stayed with Captain Cousteau, working on the Calypso and his other boats for more than 12 years as a full time DOP/Director. He then naturally moved on to work with Discovery, the BBC and National Geographic; making many prize winning scientific, history and extreme adventure documentary films. He is presently co-directing with Andy Byatt the 3 x 52 minute series on Hurricanes for 3D Net and Arte.