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Thanks to its varied landscapes, traditional alpine villages, medieval towns and futuristic cities, 21st century France remains the world’s top tourist destination with 100 million visitors each year.

These films will show France as it has never been seen before – from deserted islands off the coast of Brittany to the summit of Mont Blanc, passing over the lagoons and volcanic domes of the overseas territories. The series uses the latest aerial technology to fly further, higher and for longer no matter the weather. It will use an armada of drones as well as gyro-stabilised helicopter rigs. Cameras will be able to skim over stormy seas as well as soar above the year-round snow on Mont Blanc; weave between centuries-old trees and under the arches of stone bridges or close to old boat riggings.

From one topic to the next, emphasis will be placed on the aesthetic composition of the series, highlighting the lines and shapes of nature and man’s influence. By playing with scale and the angle of shots, each film will look for the beauty in France’s landscapes and monuments. From tiny grains of wheat to huge plains, from snowflakes to large stretches of unspoilt greenery in Mercantour National Park, from coral reefs to the lagoons of New Caledonia, it will juxtapose close ups and wide shots that will surprise and seduce the audience.