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Our series LIFE ON FIRE dominates again the number of nomination at WILDSCREEN this year, with 3 more nomination in Earth Science and Music categories for ICELANDIC VOLCANOES, WHO'S NEXT ? ( directed by François de Riberolles and Jacques Bedel) and PHOENIX TEMPLE ( directed by François de Riberolles and composed by Stéphane LOPEZ). See herewith director François de Riberolles in action during the shoot of PHOENIX TEMPLE.

In addition, our marine episodes of LIFE ON FIRE have seduced the US Jury of the BLUE OCEAN FESTIVAL (held in San Francisco) with two finalists positions for "THE SURPRISE SALMON" ( BEST ANIMAL BEHAVIOR) and " PIONEERS OF THE DEEP" (BEST THEATRICAL). A surprising category, as this film has not (yet!) been aired in theaters !

Last but not least, RIDDLE OF THE FEATHERED DRAGONS, currently in development, just snatched the Best Pitch Award in Science category at SUNNY SIDE OF THE DOC in La Rochelle. All visuals are currently TOP SECRET, but ask kindly, we will send you the reel !

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