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A last minute call, a lucky strike for Jean Charles GRANJON who has been send on assignement to the quietest and most remote of all Canary Islands to shoot some backplates in order to prepare our LORDS OF VOLCANOES 90' special.

His hotel bed shaked every night... for a good reason: up to six magnitude 3 (and above) earthquakes rumbled underground daily, and 3 underwater eruptive vents spew ash and pyroclasts in the water column. It finally broke the surface on November, 8th, after several sleepless night.

If it continues, the underwater vent will reach the surface and create the most southern European island. In the meantime, this is a tough situation for local fishermen and divers: their activity has been affected by the underwater troublemaker, and they live with the constant threat of being evacuated by local authorities. Let's hope the situation settles.

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