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3 NET and ARTE commission us to produce a 3D science series

Called “Hurricane: The Anatomy” the series will look at the cutting edge science and wild life stories behind hurricanes and examine the impact of these powerful forces of nature on our Planet.

The series is directed by Andy Byatt, who directed a number of episodes of the successful BBC wildlife documentaries Blue Planet and Planet Earth, and produced by our in-house producers Jacqueline Farmer and Bertrand Loyer. 

After intensive 3D testing during pre-production in 2010, that included filming in the eye of the October Hurricane Paula in Cuba, Andy Byatt and stereographer Cyril Barbançon (see on location pict herewith during summer tests with specially designed helium inflated balloon to be used as a steadycam) are convinced that 3D will literally blow away their audience: “For the film-maker 3D really is an opportunity to start again, with a new language of editing, shot style and visual storytelling. It affects the viewer in a completely different way too, because you actually create the sensation of 3D in your own mind, so you really are almost living the experience. It’s a very exciting format.”

As an international coproduction between SAINT THOMAS PRODUCTIONS, ARTE and 3NET, with international presales to UKTV and SVT, the series aims for the evergreen, blue-chip category of the genre. As Jacqueline Farmer and Bertrand Loyer point out, “The series is a great opportunity to do some groundbreaking work with scientists at NASA, NOAA and the NHC and 3D is a fantastic medium for telling the story of the hurricane.”

“Hurricane: The Anatomy” will be exclusively distributed internationally by Village Distribution, both in 3D and 2D formats.

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