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"NOW, MAKE IT GREENER": a new hope...

Get real: today, there is no such thing as a green revolution. Think again: 86% of our energy still comes from fossil fuels. It is a short term policy: by the time today’s babies reach middle age, the world’s oil will start running out. We are driving into a wall. It is about time to read the "dead end" signs. Some pioneers do and built tomorrow's In coproduction with ARTE and DISCOVERY PLANET GREEN, we are producing the HD series "NOW MAKE IT GREENER" to showcase four ambitious responses to safeguard the future of our world. Geothermal power: harnessing heat from the planet’s core. Nuclear fusion: the awesome force of the sun, recreated on Earth. Eco-towns: a revolution in how we live. Power towers: high-rise solutions to the energy crisis. While waiting to its delivery in fall 2009, meet the men at work here.