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From the Chaiten volcano in Chile to the Rabaul caldera in Papua New Guinea, Saint Thomas Productions will show you volcanoes as you have never
seen them before. Using some new high-end HD technologies, like the RED ONE camera on the slopes of the Tavurvur volcano
in New Britain (see pict hereunder), our filming crews have adapted their cameras to the post-apocalyptic low-light situations to catch unique events for the films
"VOLCANO DOCTORS" and "PIONEERS OF THE DEEP". On their hot-spot journey, they are currently using CINEFLEX technologies to record rock-steady aerial
footage revealing for the first time the inside of an erupting crater from the safety of a helicopter hovering several hundred meters above the flying lava bombs.

They have also filmed the fittest animals which survive in this hell and quickly adapted to a world of perpetual ash and darkness. Some videos
of the survivors of this apocalypse will soon be released on this website.

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