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During the preliminary shoots of the one-hour blue chip special 'Aliens of the Deep' for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNELS WILD, ARTE GEIE, NDR, RTBF, SVT, USHUAIA TV, our underwater cameramen Marta Sortres and Kevin Peyrusse met unusual critters. Not only they came face to face with flamboyant cuttlefish, but also with hundreds of reef squids which gathered to give life.

In poisonous corals, the females laid their eggs away from predators jaws. When they'll hatch from their case, the young squids will start a short but intense life: their life span do not exceed 2 years.

These extraordinary squids instinctively master the art of hunting in disguise. They are able to become invisible and match their surroundings to crash on their preys.. which is almost everything that comes near their arms. They are able to catch preys more than twice their size.

When wide angle lens is the underwater rule of thumb, our team decided to use macro lens. This requires a very stable housing. It was made possible thanks to a specially designed tripod with short legs and a Teflon bowl ....which will never get rusted !

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