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May 7th 2015, Mitu MONTEIRO began an incredible adventure: crossing the Cabo Verde Archipelado with his kite between the islands and by foot across the islands! A huge challenge which he decided to tackle with his kite, surfboard and foil to finish on May 24th!

17 days to achieve the sea and land crossings while sharing his journey with the locals of each island. We followed him during this epic adventure. So letís get back on it with some details of these restless 17 days!

He started (see map ) with a very long trip: 235 km, between Sal and Santo Antao. He left early morning ( 5.30 am) since the estimates gave him a 12h journey. In Mitu's words, here's what happened: " After months of stress and logistics, it was finally time to go on the water and really see what was going to happen! Forecasts to reach Santo Antao was more or less 12 hours. And the wind was on my side, it kept blowing all the time and I arrived to Santo Antao after a 7h40 crossing. Once I touched the ground, I sat for a few minutes and I just could not move my legs. Never switching sides throughout the crossing, I forced too much on my back leg."

Each crossing was filled with adventures, challenges, fear, pain and joy.

Mitu ended this adventure in style on May 23th by reaching Brava from Fogo! Named the Island of Fire, this sounds like a firework to bring to a close this great adventure with all the fabulous moments Mitu has experienced along his journey. He made it in 17 days and was happy to go back home in Sal to share everything with his friends and family.

Overall, it has taken Mitu 29 hours and 30 minutes on the water to cover the 722 km (448 miles)! What an incredible adventure for an incredible man! Big congratsí Mister Mitu Ö

You will be able to see all these in a film on Red Bull TV to be premiered in 2016.

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