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It took 2 years of filming in Ultra High Definition 40 miles offshore the French Riviera, above 2 mile-deep waters, to document the behavior of this little known but gigantic creature (up to 30 feet long). Director Bertrand LOYER and its team of experienced divers and cameramen (see on the left a picture of the team; from left to right:Jean-Charles GRANJON, David LUQUET, Bertrand LOYER, Olivier BIANCHIMANI and Roberto RINALDI ) have filmed ten different animals and some of their spectacular behavior. Day or night, they have organized more than 100 challenging dives in open-ocean to decipher many secrets of this pelagic creature: how does the animal locates itself ? how does it feed ? what does it feeds on ? and much more... To try to explain their unusual discoveries, they have met some experts in Japan, Italy and California and documented some revelatory experiences. Shown on ARTE in France and Germany, on April, 17th, 10.15 pm, the show will also be aired on SVT (Sweden) in August, or NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WILD CHANNEL in the US (Sunday, April, 26th, 9 pm: DESTINATION WILD: GIANT SEA SERPENT), on Servus TV ( Germany/Autria - November 4th, 8.15pm) and worldwide.

Don't miss it: meet the longest bony fish in the word, for the first time ever, alive in its natural habitat.

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