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3D martians came and invade us. They call themselves artists, and claim that Computer Graphic Images (CGI) are simply the inevitable future of film production. "All right, dudes, you won !", we said ! in 2014, we, at Saint Thomas Productions, took a controlling stake by becoming majority shareholders of "3DfromMars", a Marseille-based CGI & SFX company, and ... let them invade our headquaters. They are like smartphones: 6 years ago, we did not knew them... now, we can't live without them! Since 2009, they created all the special effects and CGI of our award winning films such as the past eruptions of LIFE ON FIRE, the hotspot from A VOLCANO ODYSSEY, the energy-efficient building of MASDAR, etc... today, the journey continues. The artists design, animate and render in 4K more than 50 prehistoric creatures for A NEW PREHISTORY series, design some Artificial Intelligence plug-ins to re-create swarms of insects in various context ( see example herewith) and even embark us on orbit around the Earth and beyond. Welcome to the 3D martians !

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