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Not only he will sail in between, but also across the Capo Verde islands ! For the first time, the kitesurfer from Cape Verde Oteniel Jorge Monteiro, aka Mitu Monteiro, a kitesurfing freestyle world champion, connects the 12 islands of the volcanic archipelago.

In his own words, Mitu adds: 'The sea here is really extreme and it will not be easy. In this project, I want to test my limits, to achieve a unique sporting challenge, to surf on the most remote and difficult spots of my country. I would like to convey my passion for kite and especially my adoration for nature in its immensity. I would get the message that with the right knowledge, the appropriate experience and a true respect, we can almost everything. I will use the wind to go where I want and once there, I will take advantage of what each island offers me. This crossing is not only a way to the sea, it will also be a crossing in my country I partly know.'

We are currently designing gyro-stabilized equipment and other portable Ultra High Definition cameras to cover his impossible challenges...

A film soon to be seen on RED BULL TV

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